Today's the World Book Day!

One of those days in which you celebrate the uncomparable power of reading...books. 

Anykind of books.

Drama, romance, history...


Books allow people of any age to get into extremely different atmospheres, new landscapes and lives you've always dreamed about!

If travelling by train you might be a pirate and leave an amazing adventure...

While sitting on your sofa, carpets and lamps around easily become your worst enemies...


All because of the power of immagination. Therefore, again, the power of books reading!





In our hostel books are more than welcome!

Thanks to Bookcrossing, people are able to get a book, read it and also take it with them. 

Of course, if they want to leave one, other guests will certainly appreciate it!


Quietly stored in our bookshelf, books simply ask to be explored by the next curious traveller... 


"No two persons ever read the same book"

Edmund Wilson


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