From 2013 Ostello Casa Rossa [English: Red House Hostel] is run by Cooperativa Sociale Eureka! [English: Eureka! Social Cooperative]

Eureka! offers a series of innovative, integrated and flexible services, devised with the purpose of improving people’s quality of life. Since its foundation, the Cooperative has constantly widened the range of its competencies. Some of its projects are: family and workplace nurseries, schools, toy libraries, community and social centres.

Eureka! was founded in 1993 in San Donato Milanese (a town nearby Milan) by three business women who were expecting their children. They tried to create a work environment where it could be possible to join family and job tasks together. An aim which is pursued inside the Cooperative (through its organizational structure), as well as outside it (through the creation of original and advanced services).

Eureka! is endowed with a strong and renowned ethical reputation, thanks to its services’ high quality, high professionalism, constant investments in researches and studies. In Lombardy, it was the first social enterprise capable to obtain the EN-ISO quality certificate for social and educational services (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008).

Ostello Casa Rossa

Via Roma, 23

21014 Laveno Mombello, Varese, Italy

TEL: 0039 3488131112   - 0039 0332/669822

EMAIL: info@ostellodilaveno.it


The hostel is run by:

Cooperativa Sociale Eureka!

Via di Vittorio, 113

20097 San Donato Milanese, Milano, Italy

Partita Iva: 10864220156

EMAIL: info@coopeureka.it


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